Let’s talk about prints, baby!

Couples always ask me to suggest companies that make beautiful, archival-quality prints of their wedding day. So, I decided to make a blog about creating high-quality prints of your most loved photos from your special day. 

One great company for archival-quality prints (that I use personally) is Mpix, this online company is capable of printing large-scale prints up to 40 inches long. They also offer a variety of paper types including glossy, matte, and (my personal fav) giclee, which are made using pigment-based inks instead of dye-based inks like standard inkjet prints. 

Not only are giclee (pronounced -zhee-klay) prints beautiful and long-lasting, they are extremely accurate. These prints offer very sharp detail and high resolution, which capture every shade of the original image. They are referred to as “museum-quality” because the copies are as good as the originals. Artists of all mediums use this printing method to sell artwork that’s almost like their originals.  

This is the type of print that I use personally when displaying my artwork. I want my images to last for years to come and I love the accuracy. Giclees have an archival rating of 100-200 years, whereas dye-based inks can last around 100 years, but are prone to color shifts overtime and can be easily damaged by water.

Another personal favorite of mine is Nations Photo Lab located in Hunt Valley, MD. They never disappoint and they’re local! I love supporting local businesses. So, if you’re ever in a time crunch or want to support local business, use this company because they ship prints out crazy-fast!   

Both of these companies offer coupons regularly, so keep an eye out (you can call me cheap, but I love a good deal!)

Once you’ve decided where to hang your photo enlargements (away from direct sun), what size, what company to use, and what paper and printing method, you’re ready to make an order. It is recommended that glass always be used to cover the print to protect the image from sun damage.  

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